The E Cig Revolution: Making Traditional Smoking a Thing of the Past


e-cig_womanHigh technology has brought many new benefits to modern life. We all benefit from smartphones, ipads, laptops, and powerful computers that put information right at the touch of our fingertips. Now, the same technology revolution is coming to the practice of smoking. No, you will not be able to access the internet from your cigarette (at least, not yet…), but you will be able to smoke in a more healthy and convenient fashion without annoying your non-smoker friends. This is the essence of the e cig revolution.

There are a variety of reasons that e cigarettes, or e cigs for short, are taking the world by storm. The first is that they just are a much healthier way to smoke. You see, while nicotine might be the most addictive component of a normal tobacco cigarette, it is not the most lethal. Tobacco contains hundreds of toxic chemicals that are released into the air anytime one lights on up. One of the key concepts behind the e cigarette design was to come up with a way of smoking that allows one to get the same nicotine fix without the negative effects of all the toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer and other chronic diseases.

The way the e cigarette accomplishes this is by using a liquid vial filled with nicotine similar to e cigarettes. This vial is inserted into an electronic delivery device that looks like a cigarette. When the user takes in a breath, current from the battery is diverted to the liquid chamber, causing liquid to be vaporized. The resulting water vapor and nicotine mixture is much less harmful than the smoke coming from tobacco.

As a result, smokers of e cigarettes are much more welcome at public venues such as restaurants and bars. The vapor coming out of the e cigarette has no smell to send others around you scrambling to gasp for clean air. Most of the public smoking bans only apply to tobacco products for this reason. You no longer have to worry about going outside in the chilly air to smoke your cigarette. You can now do so right at the table with the rest of your friends.

You will also probably find other benefits to smoking electronic cigarettes as well. Most people who smoke know that the ash that comes out from the cigarette can be a royal pain. Many have probably had ash inadvertently fall from a cigarette onto a couch, the carpet, or some expensive clothes, ruining them. Then there is the problem of always having to find an ash tray around when one wants to smoke. This is highly inconvenient. One can also do away with carrying a cigarette lighter or matches wherever you go.

E cigs are also a lot cheaper than traditional tobacco products. Governments are doing their best to force people off of cigarettes by creating a virtual prohibition with high prices. Sin taxes can make the price of a two pack of cigarettes a day smoking habit practically unbearable. However, electronic cigarettes face no such regulations and are taxed at the rate of normal consumer goods. While a head to head comparison can be hard to make because liquids will last longer or shorter depending on how one smokes, in general, smoking tobacco products is many times more expensive than the cost of smoking e cigarettes.

E cigarettes are the wave of the future when it comes to smoking. If you continue to smoke traditional cigarettes you will spend more money, annoy your non-smoker friends when you smoke around them, and severely cut back your expected lifespan. It just makes sense to join the e cig revolution today.